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Panel Discussion

Cryptocurrencies are now transforming the foreign exchange markets for both the institutional and retail trader. However, debate continues as to whether digital currencies have a long-term future and what form the market might take in the years ahead. This panel discussion will feature market experts discussing the important issues surrounding digital currencies. These include regulation, security, and determining what particular currencies are most likely to survive and dominate.

Panel Discussion

  • Moderator: Gerald Ashley

  • Participants: 5

  • Duration: 40 minutes followed by 20 minute Q&A

  • Registration and refreshments begin at 08.30 am


  • Invited seated audience of banks, investment managers and hedge funds

  • Live streaming on YouTube to an invited global audience

  • Video recording to be posted on YouTube & The Technical Analyst website

  • Interviews to be posted on YouTube & The Technical Analyst website

Sponsorship – Reach Buyside End Users

  • Sponsor’s logos will appear on all pre & post event marketing material

  • Banners/pop-ups will appear in panel discussion & interview backdrops

  • A file of the panel discussion & interview video will be provided to sponsors

  • Distribution of sponsor’s literature at the event

  • The seated audience contact list will be provided to sponsors

This is a unique opportunity for participating companies to present their product or service to a live audience and reach a substantial online viewership via broadcast of the event on YouTube and The Technical Analyst website.

Panel discussion participation: £900 + VAT
Sole sponsorship of event: £3900 + VAT

For sole sponsorship participants may be chosen by the sponsor or by The Technical Analyst.

For more information, please contact us at or call +44 (0)1483 573150.

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